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Followed categories will be added to My News. Typically when a company acquires one of its largest rivals in a nearly $5,000,000,000.00 (yeah, lots of zeros) merger, cristiano ronaldo manchester united jersey that’s the company’s BIG news for the week. But surprisingly a staggering 71% said they didn’t think the kit was sexited according to a poll conducted by Manchester Evening News. Manchester United released their new Adidas kit last week amidst much fanfare but the plunging neckline feature on the women’s jersey has caused a lot of controversy among it’s supporters. 82 @Lyndenunited @MUnitedGirl @adidas I don’t like low cut necks like that, no. I’ve worn v necks that are much higher. MUnitedGirl @adidas Some women don’t fit into the men’s nor juniors kits. MUnitedGirl I still don’t understand the design of the womens shirt. United appeared in the 1979 FA Cup Final, losing 3-2 to Arsenal, in the red shirt with ‘Wembley 1979’ embroidered below the Centenary badge. Worn by United in their successful FA Cup Semi-Final triumph over Arsenal in May 2004 with white shorts and socks. Like the blue 1968 European Cup Final shirt, Adidas decided to create a one-off Special edition shirt for the 1991 European Cup Winners Cup Final in Rotterdam.

Barcelona 4-0 Elche: It's Alexis Sánchez time to shine! On these pages, you will find every shirt ever worn by the team, including the classic yellow and green 1892 Newton Heath strip that was to reappear 100 years later. It’s a pretty classic design and has some great features to improve the aesthetic appeal of the product. Unveiled last Saturday, the new design by Adidas is tighter than the male version and features a more plunging V-neckline than that of last year’s jersey, which was designed by Nike. Despite criticism on social networks, others have embraced the new design and branded it as more “feminine” and an improvement on previous masculine designs. THE new Manchester United women’s jersey has generated much controversy in the United Kingdom, and has been branded “discriminatory” on social networks. With your help, they’ll learn to love the game just as much as you do. The men’s game is home to more of the hardcore, laddish fan culture, whereas the women’s game has become a haven of a calmer more family-orientated atmosphere.

Last Saturday we reunited with Manchester United, one of the most popular and successful football teams in the world, and unveiled their new home jersey. While tribalism is so deeply entrenched in supporting a football club on the men’s side, those dangers in mixing with opposing supporters do not apply to the Women’s Super League. After a fantastic summer for women’s football, this is a step back. An Adidas spokesman insisted in a statement that the garment was developed after consultation with supporters, and also cited a local newspaper poll which saw 75 per cent of readers back the design. The Old Trafford Megastore saw a record demand for a non-match day, almost 50% up on the previous record. For Aon the partnership is a tremendous coup as the company now will be having its identity ingrained in the minds of not not only the domestic UK market of football-mad fans, but soccer fans across the globe will be associating Aon and Manchester United and all for the proportionally reasonable price tag of $125 million. We have already mentioned the price of the original one; if the price is far lesser than this, it can not be the original one.

The kit can be found on United’s official website. However, if WSL fans are able to sit amongst each other without the risk of a violent outbreak, surely fans on opposite ends of a stadium can go their separate ways peacefully? Safety at a football stadium has never had a universal meaning for match-goers. It bothers me that I have to leave the familiar postcodes to watch Chelsea Women play the best football that they have in years. So when I had the chance to watch Chelsea face Arsenal at the Emirates, I took it with both hands. I must admit, the lengths I have to travel to watch women in action is ridiculous. While men routinely gather for an afternoon of matchday gaiety without concerns over safety, women such as myself find ourselves praying for it on the terraces. One minute you feel heartened there is a sense of solidarity over racial discrimination, sexual and gender discrimination. But in the next moment, the game makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Makes you feel classy. Adidas and the Premier League soccer club on Saturday introduced the new home uniform — called “kits” in global football parlance — for the 2015-16 season.

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