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The jersey then was passed to Memphis Depay, who was a youngster by then and has also struggled. The club has had given numerous excellent right-backs in the recent seasons who have not failed to impress. Some have rotten tempers. Shay Brennan is one of the lesser known players who have made a huge impact in their position at the club. Shay Brennan played his first match for Manchester United right after the Munich disaster and needless to say, he adapted well with the English conditions. Shay Brennan joined the club in the year 1955 but was also a part of the Red Devils as a trainee from 1953. His first professional debut match was against Sheffield Wednesday in February 1958. Brennan is not a very famous name. Antonio Valencia made a move to Manchester United from Wigan Athletic in the year 2009. He played his debut match for the Red Devils in the same year against Chelsea where United lost on penalties. He played his debut match for Manchester United in the same year against Newcastle United.

Carrick shares another tale of being in Ireland with Newcastle aged 13 when an older team-mate ‘borrowed’ a Mini from a girl he had met. A clear case of colour and design being instrumental when picking a team’s colours. He remained the captain of the club till he retired in the year 1953. Carey will always be remembered as a versatile defender who acquired the position of being a right back. The Brazilian was a successor of Gary Neville who is considered as the greatest right back in the history of the club. Neville will always be remembered for his commitment and loyalty to the club. Manchester United can confirm that Cristiano Ronaldo will wear the iconic no.7 shirt after returning to Old Trafford. At some stage this week, the National League will make a decision on their competitions above tier seven of the pyramid system. And this may appear inconsequential in the grander scheme of things but you can bet that if Liverpool had already won the Premier League when it was curtailed, there would be no question that they would not be handed the trophy, the entry in the record books, man u jersey and every last penny of their financial prize.

United’s leaked jersey is similar to the one they wore between 1992 and 1994, when the Red Devils won the first two Premier League titles of the Sir Alex Ferguson era. Rafael has won a few man of the match titles in the Premier League before leaving the club. The Irishman was the captain of the 1948 squad that won the FA Cup title. Not many know about his existence in the squad. That evening marked the first time a global icon took to the field as a professional – with Ronaldo replacing Tonito with an hour played before embarking on a couple of mazy dribbles down the right flank. The couple claim Bobbitt bought Katelyn McClure gas late one night when she was stranded in Philadelphia. From an English point of view, Zaha’s decision to represent Ivory Coast is arguably the most high-profile one of all. One fan wrote: ‘Almost all of the jerseys from the last few years are not nice. The majority are short-term and run out on a finite date tailored to the end of the season.

The light grey colour supposedly made team-mates harder to pick out on the pitch against the background of the crowd. Five miles away, on Station Road in Wallsend, Carrick had reserved the ‘Boyza’, the fabled five-a-side pitch which had launched his career and those of more than 80 professional footballers, including Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce. Saudi Arabia in a friendly game and now has a professional contract in one of the top clubs in the country. Despite a population of over 270million and a country brimming with fanatical followers, Indonesia has always been forced to search beyond its own borders for its footballing heroes. Manchester United is a club that has had a plethora of defenders over the years who have made a huge impact in the minds of the fans. The former world heavyweight boxing champion had tried to secure additional landing slots at the local airport for flights from Liverpool after several charters were cancelled just hours before the jets were supposed to depart, leaving fans disappointed. Ask most football fans for one team that Paul Gascoigne played for. Carey went on to become the captain of the team in the year 1946. Was one of the most effective captains of all time.

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